Porto Portugal,
24th-26th June

Join us for a weekend of good vibes with boat parties, beach front parties, club nights and performances by some of the best DJs in the culture. We are bringing some of the best parties from your city to Porto


Friday June 24th

  • 3pm - 8pm
    Welcome Boat parties
    Party it up on huge cruise ships coasting along the scenic Duoro river. Vibes curated by Bloom Bar from Accra, Akwaabauk and the Made in Africa team from London. Attendees will receive complimentary drinks, and specialty cocktails will be available for purchase.

    MIA in Porto Boat Party
    Music by Henrie, Ayanne, Yoossouph, Baj
    Departure: 3pm

    Colours Boat Party. Curated by Bloom & AkwaabaUK

    Music by Nore, OV, Delz
    Dress code: Colourful Attire
    Departure: 5:30pm
  • 11pm - 4am
    Club night
    Afrobeats, Amapiano, HipHop, Dancehall, Kizomba
    Music by Yoossouph, Ayanne, Pingusso, Baj

Saturday June 25th

  • 2pm - 7pm
    Best Bloom Beach Party
  • Lunch and good vibes.
    Afrobeats, Amapiano, HipHop, Dancehall, Kizomba
    Music by Nore, OV, Delz, Yoossouph
  • 5pm - 10pm
    Kizomba dance sessions and Party at Hardclub
  • Music by Pingusso, Morelassoul
  • 10pm - 6am
    Performances by Suprise acts & All night party at Hard club Concert Hall
  • Afrobeats, HipHop, Amapiano, Dancehall, Kizomba
    Music by Mercedes, Neptizzle, Baj, Pingusso, Morelassoul

Sunday June 26th


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